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How to Elevate Your Mood Using Your Mind – NOT Drugs

It’s a good morning this Wednesday. The sun is shining, the air is crisp and new and my mind is full of ideas and imaginations. Don’t get me wrong, I am not always like this. We all have our days where we feel a bit, what should I say, moody? Sometimes, for no reason at all, we feel as though we would snap at Mary Poppins. No human contact is needed or wanted during these days, as the world is plotting against my efforts. We all go through this. What you want, however, is to not stay stuck in this.

Using Your Mind to Get Out of Your Funk

I never use the word funk, but I believe that is an appropriate one to use for this subject. Sometimes when we are in this state of mind, where negative things seem to multiply by the minute and we continue to think, I am a good person! Why is this happening to me?
The problem is, while these things are happening, we constantly believe that this are happening to us. It is understandable, afterall, seeing how the problems seem to center around our person, and how people or events just don’t work out at the time. It’s very logical to think that these things are happening to us.
However, the reason why these negative things continue to happen is because we allow them to happen with our mindest. Let me explain. Every belief we hold initiates our actions. When we believe that a burgular, for instance, might break in because the door is unlocked, our immediate action is to lock the door. We do this without even thinking because we believe that this is a possibility and our actions prove this.
Therefore, whenever we believe that bad things are happening to us, and that they will continue happening to us, they will actually continue happening. Until you fall asleep and can go within, where your subconscious mind starts filtering the events into important and non-important things, you will continue feeling miserable and at odds with the world.
How You Can Change Your Mindset to Change Your Day

You don’t have continue sabotaging your day with your thoughts any longer. There are certain techniques to change your brain, body and verbal language easily and instantly in order to change your day.
  1. Get out of yourself. Do something for others. I know this is one I’m sure you have already heard, and you might be over it, but it really does work. Knowing that contributed toward another person’s life, even in the most miniscule way, can have a powerful impact on your mood. One single act of kindess–a smile, a “thank you”, opening the door for another–can change that person’s mood, creating a wave of good feelings that stride though many, many people throughout the day. You could help better the moods of so many people you may never have a chance to meet, all in one day, just by being kind to another.
  2. Drink water! I am big on nutrition, as well as the mind. But in order to have a healthy mind to really get the benefits of hypnosis, you have to give it what it wants. Your brain needs water, oxygen and essential nutrients to work right, to think correctly and to handle stressful situations. The easiest thing for you to do to feel better, elevate your mood and turn your day around is to drink more clean, cool and refreshing water. It’s getting me thirsty just thinking about it.
  3. Use hypnosis. This is my favorite method, as I’m sure you are aware. Using your mind to accomplish anything you want is definitely not new to you by now. There is a way to heighten your sense, produce endorphins and raise your mood almost instantly.
Start by finding a cool, private place that you can have to yourself for 2-5 minutes. Close your eyes, relax and start breathing. Breathe in for a count of two beats, hold this breath for a count of two beats and then release the breath for a count of two beats. Getting oxygen into your brain really provides a natural alleivieator for pain and mood. Do this exercise for about a minute and a hal.
Next, see yourself in your mind as having a really good day–and I mean really good. See yourself smiling, engaging with others, having fun, loving your life while still retaining humility and still adhering to your personal morals. After imagining yourself like this for a minute, continue breathing and then imagine yourself “jumping” into that imagined you. Imagine totally immersing yourself and feeling aligned with those feelings of happiness and of having a really good day. You have turned your day around and you feel great and alive. Fully integrate yourself with this imaged you, and incorporate all of your five senses within the imagination.
Continue the breathing and then count backwards in your mind to wake yourself up. Go throughout your day and notice the difference. Your mood, your ability to handle stress and your emotions will remain stable and in control the rest of the day.
These things have always worked for me, and I’m sure they will work for you as well. I’m currently working on a program that uses hypnosis to turn your day around and helps put you in a better mood instantly. Will be available very soon, so keep an eye out!