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Using Hypnosis for Getting Rid of Allergies

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Many hypnotists claim that they can flat out get rid of allergies, and many of them are exactly right. Allergies happen in the brain, afterall, so why can’t we use hypnosis (which works directly with the function of our brains) to “re-worked” the networks associated with allergies. This can sometimes sound like a bit of a stretch to some, but when we examine how allergies work, and the actual research associated with hypnosis and allergies, we can come to a close conclusion that may suggest that hypnosis does work for relieving one of allergic responses.

How Allergies Start in the Mind

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Sometimes our bodies, and our minds, make mistakes and identify a completely normal substance in our environment as being harmful or invading. When this occurs, our immune system turns on into a hypersensitive state and tries to attack this foreign substance.
There are two types of cells (B- and T- cells) which protect your body from these substances, when they mistake this substance as being harmful, and allergic cascade happens within the body. Histamines are released to combat the harmful invader, producing sneezing, rashes and other allergic symptoms.
Since every process that happens in our body first has to be received by messages in our mind, we know that the brain is controlling this entire sequence of events. Our mind makes the mistake first, which then directs the cells (B and T) to release the histamines to counteract the allergen.
How to Use Hypnosis for Allergies

Certain studies have already shown a link between hypnosis and a lessened allergic response, and there are thousands of people in the United States alone who have attempted and succeeded with relieving themselves of allergies through hypnosis.
However, how does it work? I suspect that whenever we form that mind-body connection during hypnosis and during trance, we can actually “speak” to the cells in our body and help direct them towards reacting in a different manner when exposed to an allergen.
Dr. Bruce Lipton, a forerunner in the field of epigenetics, has already shown in his own research that our subconscious thoughts and belief patters actually do “speak” and direct our cells in our bodies, making sense to the idea of using hypnosis. When we go into trance, we go straight to the subconscious mind, thus affecting those thoughts that direct the cells to form a healthier response to allergic stimuli.
Hypnosis also uses imagination and visualization exercises that allow you to put yourself in a safe place whenever you encounter an allergic response. For example, in my hypnosis program I use both a cell talk AND visualization exercise that goes deep within your subconscious awareness and embeds a state of mind that you will automatically put yourself in during the encounter. This state of mind is usually a safe place that you feel the most comfortable, relieving anxiety and helping the cells respond in a healthy and smooth way. This safe place can be anything, but most people like to imagine a beautiful, bright white light surrounding them, protecting them and healing them.
If you have used hypnosis for getting rid of allergies, or had success with my program, please tell me about it! Let others know what they can do to lessen their response to their allergies with natural methods, and share your experience with using hypnosis. The more people know about how our mind works and how allergies are all in the mind, people will stop the sneezing, the scratching and the coughing. It is my goal to help as many people blossom into a healthier state of being.