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Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance Week

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Although I dislike talking about weight loss, diets and the number on the scale, readers have asked me to for some advice on losing or maintaing their weight. Some have even wanted to know how to jut get fit and stay that way. Therefore, I am devoting the entire of next week’s posts to the topic of getting fit, staying lean and being happy.

This Will NOT Be a Discussion on a Diet
I will not discuss a certain diet that you need to follow in order to accomplish your goals. Diets, as I am sure you are hearing increasingly, really don’t work in the long term. They won’t make you happy and they don’t offer fulfillment. Diets don’t offer you your true potential, an you are too important to be measured by a number on the scale.
Diets will devastate your health if you go on one continuously–the health of your body, of course, but also the health of your mind and emotions. A slight change in a number can make or break your day, force you to become rigid or loose and totally wreak havoc on your mental state.
Because diets fail miserably in the long term, many people continue to try them, one after another. This can lead to internal organ damage, nutritional deficiencies and sometimes even brain damage. You do not want this to happen to you, I know you don’t (deep down inside)–you are here to be healthy, to be the best at everything you do and to promote a higher force within you.
What I WILL Discuss
This is where you come in. I need your suggestions, your troubles, your woes, stories, advice, rants and raves–everything and anything that relates to what you need help on in staying fit, alive and healthy.
I will discuss conventional ways of losing, maintaining and even gaining weight. Advice that I’m sure you have heard of all before.
However–I will discuss many unconventional ways that DO work in helping people lose or maintain a healthy weight, and I will challenge many areas of the current health paradigm that discuss weight loss and maintenance. You are here to learn about true health, after all, and I don’t plan on disappointing any of you.
So those of you who need advice and help on gaining or losing, maintaining or winning the battle with weight, fitness and nutrition, please send in your messages and ask me any question. All questions that are sent will be addressed, but the sender will remain anonymous.
For now, this is The Healthy Advocate.