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Good Afternoon! Phone Hypnosis Anyone?

So I have new products coming out, and hopefully on my very own domain (fingers crossed). I want to thank all of you have supported me so far on my blog, either by purchasing mp3s or sending me messages; thank you!

I think I’m going to start offering phone sessions for $87. Right now it will stay at that price, because pretty soon I’ll put the actual price of $110 an hour. Only the first twenty people who decide to have phone sessions will save…in fact why don’t I throw in an mp3, for free?

If you want to schedule a phone session, contact me and we will get you changing your life!

Well I have an 8 page critical analysis essay that is due on Tuesday, so I really have to get back on to that. It’s kind of fun when I’m doing it, but when I walk away for a minute it takes some time starting up again. I think I’ll make a procrastination mp3 as well. All these ideas!

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Have a great Saturday!