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Use Hypnosis and Visualization to Increase Muscle Size and Build Muscle Fast

Muscle is an important part of our body that makes up about 35-45% of our skeletal system. This percentage depends on which gender you are, but no matter if you are a male or female, you know how important it is to keep and maintain muscle tone. Not only does muscle burn more fat (muscle burns more calories at rest than fat), but it also helps keep our bodies toned, fit and lean. Our bodies do need some fat to keep us healthy, but muscle is also an important component of our overall health.

Recent research has shown that the mind can influence the cells in our body, and actually influence them in a way to make them grow. In fact, one study took two groups of people to test this claim. One group exercised the muscle in their pinky finger with a small weight (that weight must’ve looked so cute!). The other group only visualized exercising that muscle, without even lifting a finger.
So what happened? The group that actually performed the exercise increased the muscle mass in their pinky. Obvious. The group who only visualized also increased muscle mass! I know you can tell I’m very excited about this, because it shows that visualization packs a heck of a punch in growing and building muscle. When you combine visualization with a deep state of trance, just wonder, right now, what you could do.