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Healthy Weight Week and Free Hypnosis CD Giveaway!

Hello everyone! It is Tuesday, May 11th 2010. I hope the week is going very well for all of you (and if it isn’t, let me know!).

I’m doing a quick post today to let you know about a “Healthy Weight Week” that I am hosting over at my other blog, The Healthy Advocate.

The reason why I am posting this on my beloved hypnosis blog is because on Day 1, I wrote about how to put yourself in the right state of mind in order to lose weight, gain weight or maintain a healthy weight. Or, perhaps, you are only trying to eat healthier and love to exercise. I put all the information you need in the post about first changing your mind through self-hypnosis.
If you are starting a program to lose weight, become healthy, stopping an addiction,shaping your body, attracting love or wealth–whatever it is–you first need to start off with the correct foundation, in your mind, before jumping into action. This is because you want your mind to already believe that you have accomplished your goal (and therefore you need to have a goal in mind already), making it much easier to take action.

Please take the time to read the post about how to get into the correct state of mind, as I give you steps on how to do self-hypnosis in order to achieve this desired state.

I’m giving away a free download for my hypnosis program, “Hypnosis for a Healthy Lifestyle” (picture above). This is such a powerful program, and my favorite of my hypnosis CDs and mp3’s. It contains 9 tracks along with a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ booklet which contains a meal planning and exercise guide.
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Healthy Weight Week Day One: Your State of Mind

After receiving some requests from friends and readers (and friends who are readers) about managing their weight, becoming fit and wanting to be healthier, I thought it would be fitting to publish a weeks worth of posts dedicated to this topic. I understand entire books are devoted to such things, but I will do my best to try and deliver as much as I can, and as much as I know (through research and experience) in a week.

Before I do begin, however, I want to reiterate that I will NOT use the word “diet” in any of these posts as related to calorie restriction, weird food combinations or avoidances and insane exercise programs. Diets, in all their strange and wacky forms, don’t work. I’m sure you have heard of this before, but it is so true. Sure, they work in the short term. There is no argument there. But, the body is a smart and an adaptable machine. After a while, our bodies will cry out for nourishment, perhaps leading to binging or, if you are prone to addictive behavior, even death.
Death and diet are linked very clearly. The first three letters, after all, spell die. When one who is prone to addictive behavior, as I said earlier, one symptom can be death in the hands of a diet gone wrong. One could get so addicted to dieting, weight loss and calorie control that their bodies cry out for nutrients, stealing it from various sources already in the body, ultimately killing the body. Your body doesn’t want to die, but it will do everything in its power to stay alive right now, even if that means killing itself very soon by taking nutrients from stores in your body that actually need it, like your internal organs–heart, lungs, kidney, etc.
This is why I do not like diets. This is why I am a little scared in giving my advice on achieving weight loss or management. I would much rather speak about weight gain in those individuals who need and want it. When I was younger I actually wanted to become bigger, not be so skinny, and fit in. I’m now happy with where I’m at, and realize that being thin and a male isn’t necessarily a bad thing, that I can still fit in. As long as I am healthy, happy and doing what I love in life, I know that my body will follow the tune and that I can be comfortable in my own skin. It might not make sense to another, but it does to me, and that’s what matters in my life. Find something that makes sense to you, if you can, about being comfortable in your own body. If you can’t, and you need a change for health reasons, then it is time to change in a healthy way.
By the way, I’m sorry about all the italicized words. I love italicizing words that I want to emphasize, or the ones I believe are the most valuable to you, my readers and my friends. If you become too annoyed just tell me; I’ll stop.
The very first thing you want to do when becoming healthy, losing weight (or gaining or maintaing), is not to first change your diet or lifestyle pattern, but to change your mind. Your mind–your thoughts and beliefs–are what influence your actions in your own life. If you start of the bat by saying you will change the way you eat and exercise, it won’t last for very long. At least, you won’t maintain this because you first need the mindset and the belief that you CAN do this for yourself.
The Way Your Mind Works

When we believe something, we usually act on those beliefs. There is no question about this. When we believe that we will become dirty if we do not bathe, we bathe. When we believe that there are dangers on the road, we wear a seatbelt. Our beliefs affect our actions in our lives.
If we change our diet while still holding on to a deep seated belief that we’re not good enough, we can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, we don’t deserve a healthier or happier life, we can’t do it, etc., our diet will fail miserably. This is because these beliefs will influence our actions toward the diet, sabatoging ourselves at the beginning or in the middle of a very good intention.
Changing your beliefs about yourself and the way you do things is an incredible important first step in achieving any goal you set. To fully see yourself doing something and achieving your goal is believing that it is possible, and knowing deep within that your goal will be reached no matter what.
How to Change Your Beliefs

Changing your beliefs about yourself can be difficult, if all you were to do was repeat affirmations over and over again in the mirror. Affirmations are good, but they won’t get the job done, in the shortest amount of time possible. I’m always glad to hear someone uses affirmations, but if your not engaging your mind with visualizations and sensory feelings, you are not going to reach your goal to its fullest extent, if at all.
I have written extensively on using your mind for the purpose of changing your thoughts, emotions and beliefs in order to change almost anything in your life. In fact, you can check out my other blog here, at Hypnotic Subliminals, where I tell you want you can do to really change those beliefs.
The reason why affirmations don’t work, or very rarely do, is because it doesn’t go deep within your mind to change those deep seated beliefs and it doesn’t engage every part of your mind associated with your goal. Here are a few steps that you can take right now to achieve your goal of losing weight, being healthy and maintaining your healthy lifestyle.
  1. Make sure you can relax. Before beginning any mind altering exercise, you need to relax your body completely. Not to the point of absolute sleep, but the point before that. You want to get your body in a deep state of relaxation before you begin your visualization exercise. Even if you can’t get to that “deep” state, still try to find a state of complete calm.
The reason you want to relax is because when our bodies are relaxed, and when we close our eyes, we become more “in tune” with out inner selves. We also have access to our subconscious mind during the times we are relaxing, which is what you want. Your subconscious mind holds all the beliefs, thoughts and ideas you have ever had and we want to access it in order to submit a new belief into its network.
Focusing on your breathing seems to be a good relaxation technique for most people, and notice it slowing down as you continue to relax. Many people also like to imagine every single muscle, from the top of their head to the tip of their toes relaxing and letting go. This helps you focus on areas of the body that you might be holding tension in, and allows you to release it.
2. Imagine, Visualize or Feel. The reason why I say, “…or feel” is because some people complain that they cannot visualize effectively, therefore self hypnosis (what you are doing right now) won’t work for them. In essence, self hypnosis will work for everyone, regardless of their visualization skills. If you have trouble visualizing, just feel the emotions I will tell you to feel in just a moment.
Since you are in this relaxed state, you now have access to your subconscious. You are now going to start visualizing yourself being healthy, at the weight that you want, looking great in the mirror, loving everything about yourself, loving to eat healthy, loving to exercise and drink plenty of water, etc. As you are doing this, and imagining the moment you achieved your goal as if you are actually experiencing it makes your brain believe it is possible, or that it’s real. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a real or imagined event, and will look and force itself to find ways of making that imagination true.
However, just visualizing it won’t do as well unless you incorporate all of your five senses. Hear the sound of the water being poured in the glass, or feel the amazing burn after your favorite workout. Or, perhaps, you see the number on the scale or your body in the mirror, and it fills your emotions with an amazing feeling that you took steps to be at a healthy weight. Also, you can “touch” and feel the muscles that you have built (you are allowed to touch yourself in this visualization, but don’t go overboard!).
It is also important to incorporate your emotions into the visualization. This is the most powerful sense, being probably the sixth. It is your emotions that tie all the other senses together and makes the imagined event more real to your mind. This will tell your mind that this is achievable, or that you have already achieved it, and will put your brain in a mode that says you are this person that you are imagining.
3. Say your affirmations. Sending direct suggestions into your subconscious is also very powerful, as they put into words what you were imagining. This would be a good avenue to go for those who feel as though they cannot imagine as well as others. However, it is always important to incorporate those emotions. Also, when saying affirmations, you need to put them in present tense. This way you insert a belief that you have already achieved your goal, making your brain work hard to support this belief.
So there you have it for today’s post on healthy weight management. This will start you off. I didn’t want to start you out with nutrition or exercise, because you need a good foundation in order to begin with these subjects if you are trying to become healthier. Changing your mind will first change your thoughts and then your behaviors, which will in turn be more helpful in following through on the advice given in the next posts.
P.S. I am giving away a hypnosis program FOR FREE on helping to lose weight, love to eat healthy and exercise and become healthier. It is called, “Hypnosis for a Healthy Lifestyle”. It helped me immensely when I first put it together, and I hope it can help you too. If you would like it, please email me or send me a comment below (or Twitter/Facebook me!). I will give you the details on how to get it. It’s open for anyone, so why not give it a try?
This is The Healthy Advocate

Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance Week

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Although I dislike talking about weight loss, diets and the number on the scale, readers have asked me to for some advice on losing or maintaing their weight. Some have even wanted to know how to jut get fit and stay that way. Therefore, I am devoting the entire of next week’s posts to the topic of getting fit, staying lean and being happy.

This Will NOT Be a Discussion on a Diet
I will not discuss a certain diet that you need to follow in order to accomplish your goals. Diets, as I am sure you are hearing increasingly, really don’t work in the long term. They won’t make you happy and they don’t offer fulfillment. Diets don’t offer you your true potential, an you are too important to be measured by a number on the scale.
Diets will devastate your health if you go on one continuously–the health of your body, of course, but also the health of your mind and emotions. A slight change in a number can make or break your day, force you to become rigid or loose and totally wreak havoc on your mental state.
Because diets fail miserably in the long term, many people continue to try them, one after another. This can lead to internal organ damage, nutritional deficiencies and sometimes even brain damage. You do not want this to happen to you, I know you don’t (deep down inside)–you are here to be healthy, to be the best at everything you do and to promote a higher force within you.
What I WILL Discuss
This is where you come in. I need your suggestions, your troubles, your woes, stories, advice, rants and raves–everything and anything that relates to what you need help on in staying fit, alive and healthy.
I will discuss conventional ways of losing, maintaining and even gaining weight. Advice that I’m sure you have heard of all before.
However–I will discuss many unconventional ways that DO work in helping people lose or maintain a healthy weight, and I will challenge many areas of the current health paradigm that discuss weight loss and maintenance. You are here to learn about true health, after all, and I don’t plan on disappointing any of you.
So those of you who need advice and help on gaining or losing, maintaining or winning the battle with weight, fitness and nutrition, please send in your messages and ask me any question. All questions that are sent will be addressed, but the sender will remain anonymous.
For now, this is The Healthy Advocate.

My No-Grain Experiment

Hello all, this is the Healthy Advocate.

Back in early February I decided to go on an experiment that many before me have tried and succeeded in, with great health benefits to reap. This was a total elimination of all grains, in every form, from my diet.
I have been pretty much restrictive on my grains for almost a year already, consuming maybe a serving or two a day of whole, soaked or sprouted grains, sometimes gluten free. There has been a lot of new research coming out about the effects that grains, and in particular gluten, does to our health, which helped move me into following this no-grain ‘diet’.
Many of the information I have received have obviously not been influenced by main stream health experts, but from alternative health experts well informed and motivated to educating others about the health effects of grains. Mainly those following a Paleolithic type diet have really helped show me what our bodies really are designed to eat (or what we, as humans, have been eating for the majority of our time on earth).
It was only 10,000 years ago that the cultivation of agriculture has been developed, and in this time diseases related to diet have increased and/or developed. Many of our ancestors who subsided mostly on meats, vegetables and some fruits had no problems with teeth, blood sugar or weight, and some studies suggested that they were much taller than their grain-eating descendants. Plus, grains stimulate your insulin levels, much more than vegetables, meats and moderate amounts of fruits–so, it is bizarre to me why the USDA is recommending most of our calories come from grains, even if they are low in fat.

Gluten Intolerance: A Small Minority?

I don’t think so. I believe that there are MANY symptoms to gluten sensitivity and intolerance that don’t seem to be connected to gluten, but really are. I have heard of those with depression and mood disorders go off gluten and grains all together, while increasing their mood and beating depression. Now these results may not be typical, but they may be, I don’t know. I do believe, though, that anyone suffering from anything (depression, weight, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive disorders, acne, eczema, teeth problems, ect.) will be better by eliminating or reducing all grains.
It is estimated that one out of seven people in the US have an intolerance to gluten, but I suspect that it may be much higher as most people suffer different ailments, some of them minor, that might be related to gluten and grains. Some people can do very well on small portions of gluten, without any side effect; most people will do much better if the form of wheat they choose is in its whole grain form, rather than refined–this will add the extra fiber and minerals to slow down the blood sugar spike that happens with grains. I also believe that most people will fare even better on grains if they are soaked, sprouted and/or fermented as advocated by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

What I Have Experienced So Far

I never thought that gluten and grains would be a problem for me, because most of the time they weren’t. I do not have celiac disease, and I do not suffer from any type of problems with my body after eating grains. However, for the majority of my time spent learning about nutrition, I have only consumed whole, unprocessed grains, usually in their soaked or sprouted forms. Even then I would only have about one serving per day, four to five days out of the week, something that I don’t believe would cause a problem with me or anyone with no major problems with gluten and grains.
However I have noticed that the past week and two days without grains whatsoever, has given me a better digestion. I’ve also noticed, as I have before with eliminating grains, that I lose weight rather quickly without even trying. I absolutely don’t need to lose weight, as I am already underweight, but even when I eat most of my calories from healthy fats and vegetable carbohydrates (with only a tiny amount of fruit), weight seems to come off easily than when I was eating grains. This has also happened with fermented and soaked grains, but not so dramatically.
After this experiement, which I was thinking would last for about 3 months (at least until May 2010), I might start incorporating grains back into my daily program again, although still relatively small, and still in their whole form (soaked, sprouted). I may even choose gluten free grains most of the time, in their whole form (soaked/sprouted) and as lone as they are relatively low on the glycemic index, which is rare for any grain.
I hope I have provided you a little insight on grains today, and maybe you can take this information and start studying on these issues for yourself. Who knows, maybe something that has been bothering you lately in your body will clear up after eliminating grains, sugar and dairy (at least the conventional ones you find in your local supermarket).
If you have any comments about this subject, or any questions, please post! You guys are important to me on my journey to learning more about nutrition and wellness. I don’t claim to know everything, but I do know things, and I love sharing this knowledge. However, you guys also know things, and it doesn’t help anyone to keep it to yourself. Let’s all make a difference in the world of real health and overall wellness.
This has been the healthy advocate.

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight? Find Out!

OK, so I just launched a product called, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and it’s already attracting a lot of attention. There are a total of nine tracks all designed to help someone love to exercise, love to eat healthy, and help them set a goal for the future bodies. There’s also a workbook that goes along with the program.

When I was recording this product, I hear my voice in my earphones, and I go into a semi-light trance (yes, I DO hypnotize myself!). After listening to my own program just once, I’m waking up EARLY in the morning, something I’ve never done before, and I’m doing Vinyasa yoga, aerobics, ab exercises, stretching, etc.! I feel energized throughout the entire day, and I feel great and awake in the morning.


1. When buying produce, always try and buy organic. Organic vegetables and fruits don’t contain the toxins or pesticides that other conventional crops do. Toxins interfere with your bodies natural rhythm, and it spends its time trying to rid your body of these things, when it should be doing other things.

2. Eat lean meats, raw nuts (almonds are a favorite, and so packed full of nutrition!) and seeds. This will provide you with protein, fiber, and satiety.

3. Eat slowly, because it takes your stomach 10 minutes for it to send signals to the brain that it is full.

4. Eat breakfast! I know you hear it all the time, but this is a big one. While you were sleeping, your body is in a deep, sedentary state. You metabolism slows, and in order to boost your metabolism and your energy, your body needs food.

5. Drink organic green or oolong tea. These teas have been shown to reduce appetite and also been shown to increase metabolism and facilitate fat burning.

6. Always stay hydrated by drinking cool, clean water. Your metabolism functions at its best when you are well hydrated.

7. Keep a food journal, so you know what you are actually consuming throughout the day. You don’t have to change anything about your diet the first week of keeping the journal. Just record what is going in your body, how much, and the number of calories. (A food diary is available with the “Healthy Lifestyle” hypnosis program).

8. Eat the right number of calories that best fits your body type, and that also balances with your how much exercise you are doing. You can find out the amount of calories you need daily by visiting a nutritionist or your health care provider.

9. Raw fruits are NOT nature’s candy! Fruits are good for you, and they are low on the glycemic index. They provide you with an amazing amount of nutrients, and the seep into the blood stream very slowly, giving you a longer stream of energy. Don’t eat too much fruit in one sitting, as the sugar will add up. Break up your fruit servings throughout the day.

10. Give yourself a day to relax, and to eat something that you LOVE. Enjoy the food with every bite, chew slowly, and actually let your senses expand so you can taste it and enjoy it to its fullest.

You don’t have to need to lose weight to use this program. I like it because it helps promote a better lifestyle, and a healthier way of living.

I’m also drinking organic Oolong Tea three times a day, drinking water, eating raw, nutritious vegetables at every meal. It just feels good to be healthy, and I feel like I am accomplishing something great for myself. I can’t tell you how much my self-confidence has risen since developing this new program.

I posted a video with one of the tracks from the program. This track is designed to train your body and your mind to yearn for healthy foods and to detest the junk. Try it out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised

P.S. Please let me know what YOU want me to talk about in this blog! I’m started to slowly come back to writing it, and I would LOVE to hear what you are dealing with in your life, and how I can help you!