Don’t Let Your Brain FALL this Autumn

Oh Fall, you beautiful and exhilarating season. How you fill me with childlike awe in the touch of romanticism that enwraps my soul and heart with a unique blend of mystery and euphoria. How can you continue to do this as each quarters do, and instill the very beauty that I feel during your cool and pleasant months. Would you let me live within you forever? Or shall I grow tired of your ways, if that were even feasible or in any way possible? How I love you Autumn.

Now let’s take a shift. I LOVE fall, but what I don’t love is what it sometimes does to people, who allow the vision of the winter months ahead lessen their minds. Let me explain.
In many of my clients, the return of Fall, or Autumn, however which you want to describe this season, brings about them a sort of relaxed and underperformed brain. They know, due to experience, that the winter months are quickly approaching.
And what do you do, during these months, during the holidays? Do you continue to study, perplex your brain, and allow yourself to focus on growing your awareness towards new heights. Well, maybe you do, as anyone reading this blog is very probably innately smart and incredibly intelligent.
But, most people become more lax in their thinking, making them more suggestive to negative ideas and thoughts that may pass them by. They don’t become unmotivated, necessarily, to create more success in their lives, but they don’t take action as they would have in the warmer months.
I credit this lack of action due to 2 things. The weather and the relax feel of the holidays.
The weather in spring and summer fills people, naturally, with the feeling of energy, vitality, and helps motivate people to take more action and to participate more in life (as life is sprouting up all around us, in nature, during this time).
The relax feel of the holidays are conditioned into us since childhood, and we feel no need to continue to expand the wondrous capabilities of our minds, at least at this time.
Now, I’m not saying you can’t relax on the holidays. Far from it! I can’t wait until the holidays just so I CAN relax. But, I will continue to condition my mind with suggestions and continue to use hypnosis and subliminal messages and meditation to help visualize my success for the coming year.
In fact, since you are using meditation, hypnosis and/or subliminal messages, you can relax at the same time as expanding your knowledge and working toward creating success. Hard physical labor does not always coincide with purity and accomplishment (although, the Puritans, and even the Pilgrims thought differently; think about this at Thanksgiving).
So, during these upcoming months, don’t let your mind fall into the trap of being unproductive. Instead, be productive by using your hypnosis techniques and visualizations. The year to come will thank you for your preparation.

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