Relationship Problems? It's All in Your Head!

I’m sitting here watching an episode of Charmed right now. I haven’t watched this show for ages, which is very unlike me, for it used to be my favorite avenue of entertainment. I don’t watch TV anymore, at least, hardly ever. I notice that when I don’t watch television, I am more productive and more motivative to get things done, and I find a certain kind of freedom that I don’t usually have. Anyone else feel the same way?

OK, so now you’re probably wondering, “What the heck does this have to do with hypnosis?” You are very right. After all, this is a hypnosis blog, here to inform you on all things hypnotic. Don’t fret; info is on its way!
Now, as I watch this episode, we find Chris (Drew Fuller) finally reaching out and telling his father (Brian Krause) about the issues he had with him while growing up. These issues have seriously affected him (he is always so moody!), and you can see how these issues have been holding him back from achieving the things he wants in life.
Well, perhaps I’m reading a bit too much in to it, but I hear about these sort of issues going on all the time. Parents who are cold to their children or who ignore them, and children being isolated and unmotivated. Their self-worth goes down, and it leads to many issues later down the road.
I’ve also seen these issues play out in hypnosis, where people go back into their past to find the source of a problem in their current life. There are some who are scared and afraid to commit to a serious relationship, or a relationship at all, and they can’t figure out for the life of them why that is. We then go into trance, ask the brain to find that core cause or issue, and help relive and relieve it from their minds.
Many clients find that they have had relationship issues with their mom or dad, and since these were the earliest representations of stable relationships in their lives, they obviously find it difficult to commit to a stable relationship in their present.
Now, if you are having relationship issues due to the fear of commitment, fear of failure, self-worth, etc., then it’s time to release yourself and let your spirit, mind and heart soar and immerse in the wonderful feeling of love.
Sounds a bit “1960s”, but you really can submit yourself into a loving, committed relationship, even if you had difficulty in the times before.
If you are wanting to find out how to have a better relationship, with your parents, friends, family, spouse, or significant other, then it’s time to do some good ol’ self hypnosis. You know, going deep into your mind, retrieving the memories from the past, asking your brain to analyze them, and then finally releasing them out onto the “winds of change”.
You don’t need to buy a CD to do this, or even go to a hypnotherapist. The best thing you should do in order to have better, lasting relationships with others, is to learn how to put yourself into trance, and to learn how to hypnotize yourself. It’s really quite easy, and in fact, it’s a bit too simple. You can learn how to hypnotize yourself for free with a step-by-step guide here at
Now, here is the Q&A. I want to know what you guys think, believe, and say! Let me know down in the comment section about your relationships with your parents, family members, spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend and/or significant other. What is the current state of your relationships, and wonder whether or not the place that you are at has been influenced by your mind (trick question).
I will soon create a hypnosis program that will help heal a broken heart, heal painful memories, and lead one on to a healthier and happier road of functional relationships. But, I need input from you guys! Let me know what you would like to see or hear in the program, and the problems you are currently facing in your relationship. This will help me help you (I love saying that).

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  1. Hey Brandon! I love your blog! Everything.. Bless,Aiko

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