Are Cartoons Ruining Your Child’s Potential?

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be blogging again, to help bring you important news, tips, and advice to help you lead a healthier and happier (and more vibrant!) lifestyle.

Today I was watching, you guessed it, television. I don’ normally tune in to anything anymore, just because I can’t stand having my brain fall asleep. Besides, I always have something else that I can be doing that is much more productive, much more exciting and exhilarating, that will help me move forward and upward in life (don’t you just love getting into that feeling?).

I was watching one of my favorite children’s cartoon, Arthur. I have always loved this show, and it sends a wonderful message to children in each and every episode. However, today one of the characters, called “Brain” due to his high intelligence, reported a wrong answer during a pre-math contest (kind of like a spelling bee).

He obsesses. He believes his brain has quit on him, and he quits being who he is (a genius), and tries his hand at comedy. In the end, though, he returns to his true calling, and his love for everything math, science, and geography related. This is great; it really is a great message to children to tell them, “Be yourself; you are special and unique in your own way, and everyone loves you just the way you are.”

However (and there’s the word, however), before the actual Math-a-thon, he tells himself, “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, don’t be scared.”

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, as everyone else in the room watching the television looked weird at me,
“You can’t say that to yourself!”

Knowing what I know about the mind, hypnosis, and the power of positive intention and belief, is that we cannot process or accept a negative believe, comment, or idea. Our brains automatically go the actual “meat” of that sentence and bring it into reality. For example, if you were to say, don’t be scared, your brain will actually do the opposite and fulfill your desire of not doing that specific thing.

Especially in children, where their minds are already in a hypnotic state, open and receptive to suggestions, they are much more prone to the wrong kind of thinking, thus leading them into a downward way of living.

After the episode, I came up with an idea to try and develop a hypnosis program to help children of all ages (0-100), so they can rewire their thinking (in a sense), and start being able to tell themselves of the things they do want to accomplish, and what they do want out of their life. Only when you are actually talking and thinking about what you do want is the time when your brain will set of lights, sounds, and images that will give you ideas on how to accomplish your desires.

So when I get this program going, I would like to have some testers. Perhaps parents who would like to use it with their children, or perhaps parents who would like to use it on themselves. As long as you are ready to begin thinking differently, feeling differently, and living differently, do you qualify.

I’m going to leave you guys on that note, and I hope each and everyone of you has an amazing week (just believe that you will; expect it, and watch it happen). Tell yourself throughout the week of the things you want in your life, rather than the things you don’t want, so your brain can start working on ideas on how to uplift your life and bring forth your dreams.

Please rate, comment and share! The more people who knows about the blog, the farther we can let people know how to help others reach their goals, achieve their dreams, and in turn, help others. Goodbye, and have a pleasant week.


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