Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight? Find Out!

OK, so I just launched a product called, “Healthy Lifestyle”, and it’s already attracting a lot of attention. There are a total of nine tracks all designed to help someone love to exercise, love to eat healthy, and help them set a goal for the future bodies. There’s also a workbook that goes along with the program.

When I was recording this product, I hear my voice in my earphones, and I go into a semi-light trance (yes, I DO hypnotize myself!). After listening to my own program just once, I’m waking up EARLY in the morning, something I’ve never done before, and I’m doing Vinyasa yoga, aerobics, ab exercises, stretching, etc.! I feel energized throughout the entire day, and I feel great and awake in the morning.


1. When buying produce, always try and buy organic. Organic vegetables and fruits don’t contain the toxins or pesticides that other conventional crops do. Toxins interfere with your bodies natural rhythm, and it spends its time trying to rid your body of these things, when it should be doing other things.

2. Eat lean meats, raw nuts (almonds are a favorite, and so packed full of nutrition!) and seeds. This will provide you with protein, fiber, and satiety.

3. Eat slowly, because it takes your stomach 10 minutes for it to send signals to the brain that it is full.

4. Eat breakfast! I know you hear it all the time, but this is a big one. While you were sleeping, your body is in a deep, sedentary state. You metabolism slows, and in order to boost your metabolism and your energy, your body needs food.

5. Drink organic green or oolong tea. These teas have been shown to reduce appetite and also been shown to increase metabolism and facilitate fat burning.

6. Always stay hydrated by drinking cool, clean water. Your metabolism functions at its best when you are well hydrated.

7. Keep a food journal, so you know what you are actually consuming throughout the day. You don’t have to change anything about your diet the first week of keeping the journal. Just record what is going in your body, how much, and the number of calories. (A food diary is available with the “Healthy Lifestyle” hypnosis program).

8. Eat the right number of calories that best fits your body type, and that also balances with your how much exercise you are doing. You can find out the amount of calories you need daily by visiting a nutritionist or your health care provider.

9. Raw fruits are NOT nature’s candy! Fruits are good for you, and they are low on the glycemic index. They provide you with an amazing amount of nutrients, and the seep into the blood stream very slowly, giving you a longer stream of energy. Don’t eat too much fruit in one sitting, as the sugar will add up. Break up your fruit servings throughout the day.

10. Give yourself a day to relax, and to eat something that you LOVE. Enjoy the food with every bite, chew slowly, and actually let your senses expand so you can taste it and enjoy it to its fullest.

You don’t have to need to lose weight to use this program. I like it because it helps promote a better lifestyle, and a healthier way of living.

I’m also drinking organic Oolong Tea three times a day, drinking water, eating raw, nutritious vegetables at every meal. It just feels good to be healthy, and I feel like I am accomplishing something great for myself. I can’t tell you how much my self-confidence has risen since developing this new program.

I posted a video with one of the tracks from the program. This track is designed to train your body and your mind to yearn for healthy foods and to detest the junk. Try it out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised

P.S. Please let me know what YOU want me to talk about in this blog! I’m started to slowly come back to writing it, and I would LOVE to hear what you are dealing with in your life, and how I can help you!


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