Subliminal Messages Got Even Better

I figured out how to create a double voice session for my hypnosis downloads. This way the messages are sent to both ears at different times, creating a synchronization in brainwave activity. The binaural beats also help, and so does the pleasant music.

I’m thinking about making hypnosis CD’s where you can actually hear my voice, and not just get subliminal messages. Ideas, ideas. Let me know what kind of hypnosis products you want me to make for you guys. is the name of my new domain. Don’t go there yet! It hasn’t launched yet, but you will be the first to know.

Follow me on Twitter so you can find out when I launch my new site. Also sign up for a newsletter on this page so you can be entered in to winning a free Healing Meditation Mp3 (hypnotic music, binaural beats, healing double-voice subliminals)! So far the purchases have gone smoothly and people are loving it! Try it out.


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