Wealth and Bewitched–Any Connection?

I’m sitting here watching Bewitched. I love this show. Up next-I Dream of Jeanie!

Today was a very busy, very productive day. I had to write an eight page critical analysis on Faulkner and stayed in front of the computer for a few hours. Although it was a bit difficult and tedious, after it was over I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I’ve got to create a procrastination mp3 so other people can feel this amazing feeling.

So after my paper, I made a double-voice subliminal session with theta tones. It’s for Generating Wealth, and Attracting Wealth. In today’s economy, it’s important for everyone to know how to save money and make money, and I’m sure my mp3 can help. I’m so excited!

There’s a beautiful piano piece playing in the mp3, and every subliminal used alternates between both hemispheres of the brain. It’s so cool.

You can get it for $9, just like my other mp3s, just because I love you all.


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