Well I Promised You a Story

…and here it is.

Yesterday I received a message from someone, they didn’t give their name. They told me that after a year of social anxiety, they were able to go for a walk around their neighborhood, feel the sun on their skin, and talk to a couple of the neighbors. However they quickly felt they needed to get back to their home and recover.

They asked if I could bring together a subliminal Brainwave Entrainment cd that would help them get over their social anxiety. I wrote them back telling them I’d try, but I couldn’t promise anything. So I took soft, comfortating ocean waves, combined that with binaural beats. Then I wrote some positive affirmations (subliminals) that were repeated over and over underneath the music.

I sent this to the person for free through email, still not knowing anything about the identity of the customer. I usually send out things for free when I develop a new product and the customer asks for it.

Anyway, about a week later I received an email from this person. Just one week. He/she told me that after listening to the mp3 for four days, they got into their car, drove to a birtday party of a family friend, then went out to dinner, and then went to the mall.

This may not seem like a big deal, but just think how hard it was for this person to just get out of their house, let alone going to a crowded shopping area. It was a real eye opener to me, so I put this product up to sell. Still the same price as my other mp3s, and this one has my full confidence in it. This person actually wants to start making friends. Something big for her/him.

I am offering this now, and you can buy just to try it out. If you don’t notice a change withing a month, ask for a refund. But I’m pretty sure you’re be as socialble as ever.

Now, away from business. I wanted to all let you know that a sord-of friend of mine, Wendi Friesen is having a 12-hour live Stickam podcast, and she will help any one who is smoking quit forever. I’m telling you, this girl really knows her stuff.

Watch her Thursday, November 20th: 9am-9pm Central Time


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