Twitter and Free Products

Hello again. Coming to you from Houston, Texas.

Well the weekend has come and gone, and the weather outside is definately making it harder for people to fall asleep. But what they don’t know is that they can help themselves get a better night sleep, despite the temperature outside.

My developed and very successful product produces binaural beats, which in turn helps “synchronize” the two hemispere’s of the brain. This results in a certain wave length, a slow wave length, designed to help one fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

I’ve created this mp3 so that because at a point in my life, I could not get to sleep. I think the real problem was that I just didn’t want to sleep, but it was having a severe impact on my life.

Let me explain. Because of the lack of sleep at night, I was very moody during the day, my grades slipped, and I became somewhat anti-social. When I finally saw this, I knew that there had to be some kind of change.

I was never the one to want to take a drug that would affect my brain (and quite honestly bring forth unwanted side-effects), so I search for an alternative. That’s when I found meditation and self-hypnosis. But I wanted to kick it up a notch (as Emeril says). That’s when I found out about the fascinating science behind binaural beats.

With these binaural beats I was able to incorporate within my meditation music, I could actually feel my brain shift between different stages. My thoughts became less intrusive, and my body became extremely relaxed. I couldn’t believe that more people did not know about this technology.

This is when I decided to help other people with “brainwave synchronization”, and spread the word that you don’t need to take sleeping aids to fall asleep. Sleeping aids have a high risk of dependancy. Whereas a simple $9 mp3 has no side-effects and only offers one thing. That one thing is like the holy grail for insomniacs and restless sleepers. To get to sleep fast, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed and energized.

Please, even if you don’t suffer from lack of sleep, you would be very suprised at what binaural beats could do for you. Not only does this mp3 provide restful sleep, it also promotes the body to heal and renew itself. Many studies have shown that Deep Delta Sleep helps renew the body and fight against aging. Experience it now so that you can too heal your body.

Create a new, happy, healthy you!

You can now follow me on Twitter! After this post, when ten more purchases are made, I will twitter a link to a new, free Mp3. ‘Tis a suprise.


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