Aging and Lack of Sleep–Can This Be Overcome?

The Stages of Sleep

These stages of sleep have been collected and researched, and later verified as the way to healthy sleep. Let’s first point out each stage:

  • Stage 1: Light Sleep
  • Stage 2: Sleep Spindles
  • Stage 3: Delta Waves
  • Stage 4: Deep Sleep

Now let’s break down those stages and look at each of them individually. This will help you understand more about your own sleep patterns, and help you learn of better ways to get to sleep.

  1. Stage 1: When entering light sleep, your heart rate decreases and your breathing becomes less rythmic than in waking awareness. This is the time when you are bordering sleep, and you may be aware of your surroundings in the external world. Alpha waves may be produced at this time, but in a small quantity.
  2. Stage 2: Body temperature decreases; brain produces stacatto bursts of defined brain-wave activity, also called sleep spindles.
  3. Stage 3: This is where Delta waves start to appear. In this stage there is a loss of consciousness, and the brainwaves are slow and legatto. Human growth hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland in the brain, thus helping fight aging and other problems.
  4. Stage 4: The deepest level of sleep is deep sleep and it is reached within about an hour. Brainwaves are mostly delta, and the sleeper is totally unaware of anything in the external world.

These stages of sleep are extremely important, but the most important is Delta or Deep sleep, which is discussed in Stage 3 and 4.

Delta waves are the most sought after waves because of its amazing healing and restorative properties. When we reach deep sleep, our brain produces HGH which helps fight aging, heal and restore our bodies.

The most easiest ways of producing delta waves is brainwave entrainment. Because of the amazing tecnology available to us today, we can produce these by different tones and sounds presented to the ear, thus going to the brain. With each pulse, our brainwaves our slowed and translated into delta.


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